Welcome to Happy Daily

Welcome to Happy Daily.

Did you ever realize that being happy is THE thing behind all things?
Why do we get up in the morning go to work?
Why are we doing what we do?

It is because we all strive to be happy or to become so.
It´s the energy that is behind everything. The ultimate drive and motivation to even put one foot in front of the other. It is everything that we want.

Why do we want to be loved? Because it makes us happy. Why do we want more money?

Because with it we can buy ourselves things that make us feel happy, at least for a short while. Until we need to find the next thing that we want to have in order to get that great feeling again.
Don´t get me wrong, I love shopping myself! And beautiful things give me a thrill of happiness too, which I will show you in the different „happy categories“ of this blog.

But what I am talking about is that most people aren´t happy at all while they do what they do. They follow their day to day lifes out of routine, without questioning whether there might be a different way to achieve what they want and being happy already along the way.
The mistake most people (my previous self included) do is, that they hope they will be happy in the end.

We don´t realize where to truely find happiness.

It is not at the end of something. Especially not at the end of something unpleasant.
Why should a miserable journey lead to a happy ending? That just doesn´t make sense, come to think about it. What a waste of life-energy would that be?

So, sorry to tell you lovelies, that´s not the way it works. I tried it a thousand times, more or less ;). That same old way and it was fruitless. Now this is my story of „how to be happy – daily“.
Let´s get happy now! Stop to set happiness as your final goal and start to enjoy life in the present.
This is where all the magic happens.
Welcome to Happy Daily!

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