Traveling alone for beginners – be happy by yourself

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Traveling alone for beginners – be happy by yourself

When it comes to traveling, many of us usually have a very big hurdle: ourselves.
When we travel, we like to bind ourselves to another person. To our families. To friends,
or to a group. To just not being alone is the motto for many. But that is anything but

Be happy by yourself – this is how traveling alone works for beginners

Probably you are also used to go on vacation and visit other countries with at least one other person. Perhaps you have never thought about boarding a plane alone to explore the world. But how often did you get to situations in your life where you wish you took the straight path to the sea? And surely you held yourself up by searching for the perfect travel partner, though he already is really close to you. Namely yourself. You are the best companion you can get!

This way your first solo journey will surely make you happy.

The main point when you travel alone is that you should never get yourself under pressure. „I have to meet people now.“ „I have to go to the hostel group activities now. “ “ I still have to look at this & that. “ You don’t have to do anything of it.

And here already comes point two into the game: Do only what you really want.
After all you are alone, you don’t have to please anyone, you can do whatever you like.
Do what makes you happy right now, at this moment. And if that’s a lazy day in the
hotel room, then do it! Just order room service. No one has the right to judge you how you spend your day on vacation, as long as you are happy with it.

I for my part have learned during my trip through Australia that I am not the hostel type of person and that’s ok. I enjoy the time with myself alone, my single bedroom and the freedom of a day lazy in front of the laptop.

A particularly nice moment was when I made a guided tour of the Great Ocean Road. I talked with the guide and learned so many new things that I was just happy. Surely I would not have experienced this if I had traveled with someone else.

Fact is, once you have overcome the feeling of „everyone is staring at me, because I am alone“,
you’ll have a great time with yourself and that is definitely a very good reason to be happy.


Text & Fotos by Svenja. Translation by me.

A big thank you for this guestpost to Svenja from Lovely Suitcase!

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