Negative thoughts vs. positive thinking

Negative thoughts vs. positive thinking

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and immedately start to worry, because of all the things you are struggeling with at the moment? Negative thoughts rush trough your mind.
And sometimes you don’t even realize that your thoughts just keep turning around and ‚round. The problem with this downward spiral of worries is, that nothing good will come out of it. Or did you make the experience that worries and fears ever led you to a great idea that made you feel good? Me – never.

If I am such a mastermind at having negative thoughts, I must be a genius at the opposite too.

But what I realized one day was that if I am such a mastermind at creating the worst, most detailed & dramatic fantasies about how things could go wrong, I must be a genius at the opposite too. Why shouldn’t I be? Why not using the energy for

something positve that will push you torwards a change for the better in your life, while negative thinking & resting with your problems will give you only more of that. All it needs is a shift of direction.

The ability to create wonderful worlds is already there in your mind.


But sure, the beginning is not easy. You can not jump from feeling worried right to feeling amazingly positive and happy. Though it would be nice. These feelings are complete opposites.

Opposites of one and the same scale though.
So what you can do, is climb it up, from the bottom to the top. And that is really quite easy to do, as you don’t have to jump a distance that is way too far for jumping.

I always thought that I must fight hard to not have fears and negative thoughts. It was so difficult, not to say impossible, because I was focused on NOT thinking negative thoughts. And because I was still focused on what I didn’t want, I got more of it.

It’s the natural, universal law of like attracts like.

Ever heard of it? Let’s try something! How does it feel to think: „I don’t want to think about negative things“?
It feels sad and hard, right? You still feel negativity and see the unwanted things that bother you right before your inner eye.
Now try the oppositve: „I want to think about positive things in my life. I can easily think happy thoughts. Lovely thoughts flow freely and easily to me.“
Do you feel the difference?

Remember it is just a change of direction.
Amazing how your point of view changes your feelings, right?

From struggeling against something to easy flowing.
From fighting against what you don’t want to happily recieving what you do want.

This isn’t just positive thinking. It is shifting your energy from negative to positive.

And who doesn’t agree that with feeling positive and happy your life is much better? Not to forget that with feeling great you will also attract even more great things into your life.

Leave me your comments – what’s going on in your life, how are you? ­čÖé
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