7 Days of happiness – how to create more happiness in your life

7 Days of happiness – how to create more happiness in your life

If you aren’t a totally happy, positive and optimistic person already by nature, did you ever try to do something to become happier day by day? As I know how it is to go through times of unhappiness and I wanted to make a change inside myself, I created this 7 days of happiness experience!

I don´t know at what point in your life I am reaching you now.  But I have been at the following points myself somewhere in my life that you might know aswell:

Are you feeling that something is missing in your life? You don’t have everything you desire? Are you out of your inner balance? Too busy to take care of yourself?

If you know any of these feelings or situations above, then this 7 days of happiness challenge I created might be something for you.
I did every of these exercises myself and they worked really good for me to get back in balance. So I want to share them with you & I hope they will put you in a great mood too, so that by the end of the week you will feel easier and happier!

This following to do list contain things you need to really practically do, if you want to try to make a change in your mood and life. Just reading it won’t help. So dump your excuse of not having time!
Know that you are precious and you deserve to take some minutes of the day to just care about yourself. It will be great for everyone around you too, if you feel better and are in a better mood.

Every day is a new opportunity to create a happy day and a better life!

So let´s do this! Being happy for 7 days is not that hard to do and it will show you how positive these – to do – things will affect your mood and your life in quite a short time.


Start your journey to  a week of more happiness.


Day 1

Take a notebook and a pen.
I recommend taking a new one, one that will be for this single purpose only.
But a blank sheet of paper will do as well, if you don’t have one and don’t want to buy a new one.
Sit down in a calm place and don’t let yourself be disturbed by anything. Put your phone aside too!
Now just take 10 minutes and write down everything that you are grateful for in your life.
It can be past events or present things. Doesn´t matter.
Think about the good things that you experienced in your life. It doesn’t need to be something big. It can be everything that you feel really thankful for( for example like the love you feel when you stroke the fluffy fur of your pet ).
When you remember these things, really feel the gratitude. This way you fill yourself with pure happiness for 10 minutes.
I recommend doing this first thing in the morning before your day comes rushing in.
So during your day you can go back to this feeling of joy at any time and it will positively affect your mood and your day.

I really encourage you to do this every day.
It doesn’t need to be 10 minutes, can be less – or more, just write as much as you want or as much as comes to your mind.
It can also be a good thing to do in the evening if you aren’t a morning person. You could write about all the things you were thankful for during that day then.
As you continue doing this, you will recognize how many things you have to be grateful for. And you will attract more things to be happy about in your life.

Day 2

Do some exercise or yoga or whatever you like.
If you don’t do anything for your body so far, try something new like woodstocking®. Or go for a walk in the park. Do what feels good to you. But just move your body & get outside if possible.
It will take your mind off of your usual thoughts.
Anything outside your daily routine is great to get yourself new impressions and break that circle of same, old, non-serving thoughts.
Move your body and move your mind! It’s a super easy trick that helps to lift your mood.

Day 3

Retreat to your quiet place again. Sit or lie down and relax. Now think of just one memory that thrilled you with happiness. One moment you were really, really happy!
Focus on it for 15 seconds.
Sounds ridiculous?
Yeah, but you need to concentrate on only this thought. That´s why you should try it for 15 seconds only first. Your mind can be a real b*tch and flood your consciousness with a lot of stupid thoughts that don´t serve you well. So now stop that & just go and relax in your happy memory.
Don’t force yourself. Don’t put pressure on it. Relax and wander through your chosen memory. Look at the details, feel the joy of being there. And the 15 seconds will pass so fast with you being fully at that time and place.
This is what time travel really is. In your mind you can go anywhere and relive that great moment that made you so happy! You are able to bring that happiness back to your present & attract even more happiness this way for your future.

If you don’t manage to stay focused on only this single happy thought right away, just try it again later. I recommend doing it several times during the day anyways, as it takes only 15 seconds and you can do it anywhere. It will give you a boost of joy that will change your day and charge your happiness batteries.

Day 4

Create a collage.
Do it in a size that feels right for you. But don´t make it smaller than A4, in most cases this will be too tiny. I did mine in minimum A3.
Pick some magazines and cut out all the pictures that you like. The ones that make you feel good of course!
For example: You see the house of your dreams – cut it out and stick it on the paper of your collage. A flower arrangement that is really beautiful and you would want it in your home too? A cute baby cat, a travel destination you dream of, a food that looks delicious… Take everything and put it on your collage. This exercise will connect you with all the physical things that you want and feel good having.


Day 5

Go back to your collage and look at it.
Visualize the things you want to have and feel what it feels like having them. Feel that you already have them, feel the joy and prosperity. Connect yourself with it and know you deserve everything you want. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is too big.
There are no limits except the ones you create in your mind. Just feel good while looking at these beautiful things you desire. Put your collage somewhere in your place where you can see and enjoy it every day.


Day 6

Something really different today – watch a happy movie!
Maybe there is a movie at the cinema right now you´d love to see?
Don’t let yourself be discouraged by going to the cinema alone if you can’t find someone to join you. This is for you, so don’t depend on anyone else.
Or watch your favorite movie that always puts you in a great mood when you watch it at home on Netflix. Make yourself a nice evening, the full package with snacks and everything!


Day 7

I hope you are still doing your gratitude list daily by just taking a few minutes for yourself every day? If not, maybe you want to go back to that exercise today and do it again. Don’t forget to really feel the gratitude.

And then go outside for a cup of tea or coffee!
Meet someone today.
A friend, a family member or somebody completely new?
Or take the phone and call to get in contact.
Of course I recommend meeting or contacting a rather positive person that you always like to hang out with, not a grumpy person. But I think I don’t have to mention this.
Laugh and enjoy some time together!


So now that the week is over, how do you feel?
Did you recognize a change in yourself?
Did you enjoy doing something for yourself?


I would love to hear your feedback.
Leave me a comment, write me an e-mail or drop me a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
I’ll answer you back.

Lots of love,



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